Sunday, March 29, 2009

parable of the ketchup...

Looking at these photos here you'd think they were having a great day!! But they are actually in timeout. Why? Well, all I can say is ketchup. After I heard what seemed to be joyous laughter that can only come from a child I stepped out of the room to take a look... and not to my surprise they were up to no good.

Apparently Jack was the brains behind this operation, although he claims to have not taken any part in it... But anyways, Nate got out one of those big 42 oz. ketchup bottles from the fridge and Jack had the great idea to have nate jump on it. Well, how could matt possibly not participate in such a fun act, so he also started stomping on the bottle (this is when I enter the room...). So as I discover this there are streams of ketchup in perfect little rows all over my living room carpet. I line them all up, sit them on the couch, and tell them to get comfy cause they're going to be sitting there for a long time!!!! Right them I hear the garage door open and I thought, "perfect timing!! Your dad's home!! He's going to teach you!!!!" I got the teach you part... just not exactly how I had expected....

Most people think David's a hard dad, but reality is that he has alternative teaching methods... like this one for example. We like to call this the parable of the Ketchup bottle:

When David came in I said, "perfect timing dad... come have a look at what they boys were doing." He didn't get upset, didn't yell, didn't scream, just said," well, I'm really disappointed. I guess we'll just have to put ketchup on their blankets!!!" And if you know our boys, their world came crashing down!!!!! Not on their blankets!!!!! Those are their prized possessions. So, he laid out the blankets one by one, came to the first, put the ketchup bottle down on the floor and proceeded to do just what they did... step on it... only he didn't realize that he has much more force than they do and what do you know.... ketchup squirted straight across the floor and right onto the side of the couch too!!!! Haha! He looked over at me with a woops look!!!

It was pretty funny! luckily the ketchup from the boys and David came up with out a problem. There are no remnants of it... just a great memory and a funny story. So next time you decide to teach your children a lesson by doing exactly what they did, just to their stuff, remember the parable of the ketchup bottle... be just a little bit more careful than they were, just pick the bottle up and squirt it on their blanket... you don't have to actually step on it!!! Haha!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I"m pretty sure I might sound like this all day....

he's growing up..

What can I say? I love the guy! He reminds me so much of his dad. The other day they were playing "duck, duck, goose..", and all of a sudden jack say, "duck, duck, duck, california." So random and silly... just like his dad! He was letting me try out a few shots on his today. He's so good to pose for me if i need to test something. And these three describe him perfectly... happy jack, can we get this over with jack, and silly jack............

*while sitting here writing this I heard what sounded like "loads of fun".... so I got up to investigate.... and there were "loads of crackers" all over the floor.... cheese it's and wheat thins to be exact, which reminds me that I need to do a post about the ketchup... another food incident.*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

There's no place like Greatest's

and this is why! These photos are priceless to me. Not only did she have a great time, but she got to spend time with 2 of the most wonderful people on earth... and for that, we're all jealous. If you can't tell... Greatest had fun! And Charlie had no trouble participating.

It makes my heart so glad to know that you (charlie) have an abundance of love around you. From your mom and dad, to the best brothers, to grandparents and great grandparents. The love is not lacking.....

I can't help smile and laugh at these photos!!!! And when we came to pick her up, well, she was receiving her first piano lesson by none other than greatest, and mozart.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cutie patootie!!

2 months! Can't believe it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

perfect weather = a little time outside!!!

We all have a little bit of... of what do they call it... CABIN FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went from going to the pool EVERY day in the summer, to the park in the fall... to stuck in side in the winter. Pretty hard for a 2,3, and 4 yr. old to do! So we took advantage fo the nice weather the other day! Matt was SUPER happy to be riding his scooter... the same one "Olivia" on TV has. Jack thinks he's PRETTY AWESOME because he can stand up and ride, and even ride with no hands for about 3 secs! (funny side note about that... well, we don't ride bikes with other kids, so it's not like he's seen other kids riding their bikes with no hands. It amazes me how natural some things are, and how cool we feel after!) And nate, well, nate is still a little scaredof the madness that circles around him while he's out there, so he prefers the wagon. Much safer!!!