Tuesday, February 16, 2010

carter rallis

kids are so funny.

mine especially. each and every day they say and do the funniest things. too many to count, too many to remember... i wish i could remember them all though.

last week jack came home from school and said:

jack: mom, i want to change my name.

mom: what do you want to change it to?

jack: carter rallis

mom: (that the???????)

so from now on, when you see jack, just know that he no longer goes by jack, it's now "carter rallis"

And then sweet matt. he's going through his little funk right now. he hated preschool and would cry every time i took him told me he just wanted to stay home, so for now he's just home with me and nate and char... and he's VERY happy. but he still has his moments... he still has his meltdowns, and he still says the FUNNIEST things when he's mad!!

This particular day i don't even remember what was going on, but he was mad, and i told him no about something so then he said, " fine.... DO YOU WANT ME TO SKIP AWAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was so funny. I kinda wanted to tell him yes, i'd love to see you skip away. And really, it's so hard to take this little guy seriously when he walks around in spiderman and transformer undies all day....

Then another funny day. Now that jack's in elementary school he's learned some new stuff... so the other day he was leaving for school and said "see ya later suckers!" knowing what he was saying... and matthew, sweet matthew didn't get it of course, and said, "see ya later lolipop!

oh how i love my boys. never a dull moment. but why does that have to have a negative connotation to it... why can't it mean a good thing! cause around our house we never have a dull moment, but in a good way... most of the time ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day Part 2

This may be the longest picture post ever... we have been having so much fun out in the snow. It makes me wish it snowed more often!!!! I love the first one of me and char because the snowflakes are what's in focus. so fun so fun...

Matt was so into making his snow man... he was very proud of it. He stayed out there the longest. About 45 minutes. Nate was only out for about 15 minutes and Jack about 20-25.

I told the kids to stand under the tree and bump it... they didn't know what would happen. It was pretty funny... don't judge... you know you'd laugh if you told your kid to do that too!!! :)

It think it's safe to say that this little snow day turned out pretty great!

snow day!!!!!


well, yesterday was a SNOW DAY! If you thought that texas didn't get snow think again. They're saying it was a record snow fall day. 9-14 inches around the entire metroplex. Pretty impressive.

We of course had to dabble in it :)

Don't we have the greatest dad ever? Look how he handled that white stuff!!!