Saturday, April 2, 2011

A little getaway...

Somewhat last minute and a a hectic time, dave and i decided to go away on a much needed little vacation to utah! We did bring baby with us, but he is such a trooper... he's no problem!

We had the best time!! We did things that we've never done together before and it was a blast! We went skiing for two days, when hunting, when down to provo and drove around our old stomping grounds, visited the Y, ate at our favorite steak house Ruth's Kris, watched some BYU basketball, I got a much needed massage, and just kicked it.

It was so much fun and so needed. It wouldn't have been possible with out Grandma T. The bravest woman to take on 4 kids at home plus our crazy schedule!! And gotta give a shout out to Amy Jo too!! We wouldn't have been able to go skiing with out her.

So when do we go again honey???

Cowboy Jack

Jack's class had to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grew up. jack wanted to be a cowboy, so I made him this fun little outfit. If you can tell by the picture, he wasn't too excited about it... come on! Who doesn't like to wear big felt vests???

Jack's Christmas Party

Jack's class did a fun christmas party too. We were excited to go to it. They little kiddos especially. They think it's so fun to go up to the school! I can hardly believe that matt will be up there too next year! Jack's class made Christmas bells and of course, charlie, being as cute as she is, was given one too!

Christmas Parties

Matt and nate had some great christmas parties this year in their classes. We LOVE their little school and their teachers are the BEST. Each classes made some crafts, played games, decorated cookies or christmas trees, and exchanged christmas books. The boys were so happy that Daddy got to come up to the school too. That's a rare occasion!! So we were so happy to have him there!


She is so girly. She loves makeup, which I don't let her use of course, jewelry, lip stuff, and well, hair stuff. She's seen her dad put gel in his hair a few too many times... see... and may I just comment on how difficult this was to get out? Although the vasaline was much more difficult. That involved having to rub powder in your hair by the 1/2 cup fulls and massaging it into your scalp. Every time you walked passed me I could cough from the amount of powder in your crazy little head of hair!

At the Museum

We bought a family pass to the Museum of Nature and Science. Its pretty fun. The kids loved the dinosaur exhibit and the children's museum. Grandma T and Papa J came along with us this day and made it even more fun!!! Can't you tell by those bubbles???? (little wes, can you see that you were in my belly? About 4 weeks after this we met you.)

Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th birthday matty! It's hard to believe your 5! You are so full of life and spunk! There is truly never a dull moment with you! Never! We love that. You are into everything. Each and every day you talk about the new thing you're into. You love action figures still, you love making things, you love to ride your two wheeler bike, you love your brothers, you love preschool, you love soccer, you love jiu jitsu, you love life. And we love you.