Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pilgrims and Indians...

Well, the pilgrims and the indians are were at it again! Helping each other out, and sharing in a fabulous feast, and this time, I heard a few little brothers were invited.

So Nate and Matt and I snuck down to Jack's school to share in the feast! And Jackers sure does make a cute little pilgrim!

Family Camp Out Nov. 08

Well, thanks to our great dad, we managed to get out camping as a family before the "harsh" winter season comes along! So we had camp fires, smores, roasted hot dogs, pancakes and bacon, twizzlers (of course!), scavenger hunts, duck chasing, and just some good ole family fun!

The boys loved every minute of it! When we told them it was time to go home Jack told me that he didn't want to go... that "home wasn't fun like this!"

I guess it's in their blood... boys and the great outdoors!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm so proud of this guy!!!

Jack's always been the timid one, letting his little brother try most stuff before he ventures out to try it... But we found something that he loves so much and that he isn't scared of!!! HORSES! Who would have guessed!!! He's scared of Skeeter, but the big huge horse? NO! I'm so proud of him for starting to try new things.


I sing like a man. When we were coming home late sunday night we were in the car, and jack randomly said, "mom, girls are suposed to sing like this.... and he then proceeded to hum in a VERY high pitched voice. And boys sing like this..." and he then hummed really low... THen he said, "but you don't sing like that!!!" Obviously I must have embarassed him during the primary program... and I guess I was singing like a man. Poor guy! It must have been on his mind all day... but on another note, jack thinks this is what David looks like....

And here's the boys just chillin.... and Nate trying to be one of the big boys!!!

Our first horse rides...

The boys loved it. Jack didn't stop talking about, and dave didn't stop sneezing and weezing from it for about three days after...


For halloween we didn't have any ghost or ghouls or gobblins, just SUPER HEROS!!!!!! Jack wanted to be a police man (mostly because the costume came with some totally rad accessories), matt wanted to be a power ranger (because hello, didn't you hear? he IS a power ranger), and nate was superman (because he liked the cape!).

We had a great year, got lots of candy, went up to our bishops barn for a little fun, road horses for the first time, and made some great memories!!!