Sunday, January 23, 2011

One month...

The bubbers is already one month old. I can't believe it. I hate it. I want time to stop. Each day I wish that if i prayed hard enough I could just keep you a sweet little baby Wes. I would wake up every night still for the rest of my life... i just wish i could keep you this little forever! We all love you so much. Your brothers and sister can't get enough of you... you're just perfect!

Handsome... seriously handsome!

We've been promising the boys for awhile that we'd get them suits for church... well, the day finally came! All I can say is HANDSOme!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

christmas day

What a wonderful christmas!!! I dont think we were imagining having a baby so close to christmas, but we did! I wasn't able to be there for christmas eve, but thats ok. Daddy did a FABULOUS job of getting everything ready! He wrapped, put things together, filled things up, and everything in place for christmas morning!! Everyone spent the night at Grandma T's and Papa J's. The kids were so excited to stay there! I sat at the hospital that night snuggling my new baby, enjoying some quiet time with him, and flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch.... nothing great was on!

Christmas morning was great! Santa came and left lots of goodies! Daddy came and got me and wes and brought us home to see you all open your gifts! What a wonderful day it was!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nate and Char!

Nate, you're 4. Where has the time gone? I had you just 7 days before we moved to texas. That means we've been here 4 years now and it just doesnt seem possible! Here are my 4 favorite things about you since you're 4:
4. You go with the flow. We're a busy family, but you never complain. You go to your brothers soccer games, we drive to and fro picking up siblings and running errands, and you never are bothered by it.
3. You are so funny. Just recently you really come into your own little personality and we love it. You ask us the silliest questions, like, "hey dad, what do you think I"m looking at right now?" and tease your brothers with out them even knowing that you're cracking a joke! We love it. We love that you have a sense of humor.
2. You love your family. You love your brothers. You love your sister. You love your mom and dad. You love to be loved. You LOVE to be an older brother. You're just a lovable guy.
1. You are the perfect Naters. Everything about you is pleasant and wonderful. You add something to our family that we would miss so much if we didn't have you around. You're happy and sweet, thoughtful and kind. We love you.

Char. You're 2. How is that possible? Please stay small. I love you at this age. You're getting to be so funny! You hold your own with all these boys and we love it. You never cease to amaze us. You love the color pink right now. You LOVE to chew gum. You also love to eat. The first thing you say to me each morning is, "I want food." You love babies, real and fake. You love your brothers. Especially nate. I don't know why, but you LOVe to snuggle him. You love grandma's and papa's, even if they aren't yours. You love chips. I'd have to say that's your favorite food right now. Your nick name is Char Char and sugar bear or sister bear. You love pockets. If you don't have any in your jacket or pants you stick your hands in mine. You are sweet, funny, strong, and proving to be a perfect and wonderful little girl. We can definitely say you are our favorite little girl in the whole world!!!!

Welcome Baby Wes.

I had been having contractions for what seemed like weeks. I kept thinking each night was going to be the night... and each night i woke up in the morning thinking, what happened??? I thought that would be the night i got to meet you. But you had your own time in mind. I wasn't due until jan. 10th, but on Dec. 23rd we finally got to meet you.

I had a Dr. appointment at 9:30 that morning. I had been having contractions all week so i told Dad to come with me. We had all 6 of us int he car. On the way there I started feeling contractions in my back. They were coming every two minutes. Just like the previous nights. So we got to the Dr. and I went up there on my own. They sent me to labor and delivery, and I told your dad to take your brothers and sister to Grandma T's and Papa J's. Thank goodness they were home and available. We sat at the hospital for a long time. I was admitted there around 9:45am, they broke my water around noon, and we ended up having to start pitocin at 4 pm, and then FINALLY at 9 pm we meet you. And you were perfect. And we loved on you right away.

You're our caboose. You're our sweet baby. And you'll always be my baby. You don't know it now, but you have 3 older brothers and a sister who love you... a little too much! They were just as excited to meet you as me and dad were. You're almost three weeks old now and they still look at you with as much love, and wonder as they did the first time they met you.

Welcome to the world Baby Wes. I know there are great things in store for you. I know you'll be amazing.