Sunday, October 31, 2010



Halloween 2010

We had a great halloween! The boys wanted to be Ninja Turtles this year and each one wanted to be a different guy. So i looked at the stores and every place had only the red one and it was $30.... times that by three and you can see why I opted to make them. We'll see if I ever do that again though. After countless hours of sewing by hand since I don't have a sewing machine the final product looked pretty good if you ask me. The boys loved them! They wore them the whole day and even slept in them that night and are still in them the next day. Definitely worth the effort. They looked RAD! "Bosto-nova, bosto-nova? Chevy-nova! EXCEllENT!!!!!

Charlie on the other hand was a little last minute. She LOVES to wear this wig so we thought it would be funny to send her around in it. So she went as a Diva. Of course EVERYONE thought that she looked so cute and funny. We thought so too. SHe wore it the whole night and every time it fell off she would say, "oh no, hair!" I told her if she had it on people would give her candy. So she wore the entire time AND said Trick or Treat at each car. What a little cutie! We love her so much!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Quotes from Matthew:


Dave and I were going to ym/yw activity and matt and charlie went to grandma lisa's so we could be more focus on the service project we were in charge of.... Matt said:

"I'm going to protect Charlie. If she runs out in the road I'm going to yell at her, STOP, you'll be killed. And if she was killed I'll wait for all the cars to go by and then I'll go pick her up and find a rock and put her under it."

I said: why a rock?

Matt said: just like the soldiers were under the rocks mom... remember?


We were on our way to preschool and we carpool with a few other kids. We have the sweetest little boy who is really shy and doesn't always love how overwhelming our bunch can be.... so today we were on our way to the school and Matt was talking to him. He didn't say anything back, just looked at matt and matt said," so what's the deal, did you lose your voice?"

I wanted to laugh so hard.... I am kicking myself for not writting down more of the funny things he says on a daily basis.... he really is the funniest person I know.

Also, the boys are into Ninja Turtles right now... in a major way. They're all going to be one for halloween. It should be cute. They've started quoting the moving saying:


Chevy Nova!!!!!


Da da da na na na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!