Monday, March 31, 2008

random conversations:

Here are a few of Jack's most recent conversations:
me: jack, i got you on a list for preschool! do you want to go to school?
jack: no. I need to stay home. I just picked my eye out.

this weekend:
me: (driving, and doing the "shake the wheel" thing making the kids shake side to side in the back)
matt: (laughing) faster! faster!
jack: stop mom! this is too dangerous!

last week:
me: jack, stop please and talk nice!
jack: I am going away! this is not my home! i am throwing away my bunk beds.

Sometimes, I just can't help but laugh! He surely doesn't take after me! Life just wouldn't be the same with out him!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

toilet jam.

So... today we have a toilet jam. We're not sure what's in it. All we know is that it's flat and feels like wood... maybe it's some of those fun paint stirring things we grabbed for free at Home Depot thinking they would be fun for the kiddos... the fun part worked out... just not to sure how "free" they are now. The only thing I do know is that what ever it is caused me to stick my hand in there with a bag over it, and whatever it is kept ripping holes in my bag. Needless to say, I called in Dave and made him stick his hand in there. After 15-20 minutes of that, we decided to stop that nonsense and just call it day! So if you live close by and want to stop on over, just don't use the upstairs bathroom! You've been warned!

In other current events, Naters is walking. I am so impressed by him I could just squeeze him! So I did! He was such a good little example to me. He was practicing!! It was so cute! He was making laps around the kitchen and practicing turning. His brothers were asleep and preoccupied. I think he thought it as a good time to get that practice in! As he was doing it I stopped for a minute and thought about the whole thing. It seems so small and so simple, but he taught me something today. I must have watched him do 15 laps, and he usually fell 2-3 times during each lap. But he kept getting up and trying again. I can already tell he's going to be a perfectionist. And I know he'll always try so hard at what ever he does! I want to be like him!

Also, this weekend was quite fun! I took the boys over to the biannual spring fling thing in Lantana. My mom went to buy flowers so me and the boys hit up the balloon artist, face painters, bounce house's, and the petting zoo. I tried to get them on a pony ride, but Jack informed me it was just too dangerous. So we avoided that... then we went into the petting zoo where a goat tried to get jack and matt. Jack will tell that it tried to eat him. I don't know if I would go as far to say that, but it was pretty funny. Matty loved the bunnies and the bounce house. There was a young little girl there being paid to help the little kids go up and down in the bounce house's and matt thought it was funny to slide away from her when she said to wait at the top for jack. Silly Matt! Naters enjoyed everything from the stroller. So mean, I know. But three hooligans running around would have just been craZy.


Well, back by popular demand... yeah right. Jk. We just decided it was time to reconnect with family and jump on this little bloggy band wagon. We aren't really good with words around here. Just pictures. So don't come looking for anything thought provoking, or mind blowing. Although you may learn what not to do while you stop by. Hope you enjoy!