Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun times...

We had a fun family home evening the other night! For our activity we made homemade pizza on the grill and then had a nice little lesson.

The pizza turned out great! We'll be making it this way from now on. We're kinda crazy about the grill at our house. If we're eating at home its usually grilled. Chicken with pineapple skewars, chicken for caesar salad, steak for fajitas, fish, and now pizza. it was YUMMY! You should try it out!

Here's some of jack's recent school work! So fun and funny. He did a family picture... he got everyone in there, but added about three extra people. Sorry jack, but I don't think we'll be having three more... or one more. This next one is it! :)

I also LOVE the self portrait he drew. I don't know why, but it cracks me up so much!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I get so behind and have to play catch up!

SOCCER has started! This is our first year to do soccer and man is it a busy schedule. Two kids, two different teams, and games galore! Matty seems to really like it, Jack is still trying to decide! They both scored goal at their first games and will hopefully keep up the hard work... because it is a lot of hard work when you are trying to play in 104 degrees and humidity...

go tornados!! go sharks!!!

Jack is 6!!!!! I can't believe it! For his birthday this year we decided to do ice blocking! We found the biggest hill we could find and got our boggans ready to go! The four ice blocks lasted all of 20 minutes in the heat! It was worth it though. Everyone had a great time! Thanks for coming everyone! It's so nice to know that we have such a great family! Looking at these pictures make me realize how lucky we are to have so much family around!

Here's Nate and Matt, and char, on their first day of preschool. They are loving it! They both have great teachers and are so excited to go each day! That first week of school Nate would ask heavenly father to help him go back to school each time he prayed. It was so cute!! He's so excited!!! This is Matt's last year before Kindergarten! I can't believe he's almost 5!

Right before school started we took a short little vacation down to San Marcos, TX. We had a blast! We had a lot we wanted to do and it was going to be a lot of fun. Dave had to work the first day down there so the kids and I walked over to Cabela's, then to subway and then back to the hotel in the nasty blistering humid heat. We survived, but just barely...

When Dave got back that night he and the boys went to a movie and me and char hit the outlets! You have to do that when you there... they have so many good ones!

The next day we went to the Schlitterbahn Water Park which was SO MUCH FUN! I kinda wish we could do it every year, but it's really expensive, and we're a super large family now, so we'll have to check with dad on that one! :) After that day there we were so hungry when we went to chili's that we ended up eating three baskets of chips and salsa before we ever got our food... don't judge us. :)

The next day we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns to see the caves. The boys loved it. We even saw a bat fly in.... nasty...

And after that we headed back home to get ready for the start of school!

We went into the gift shop at the caverns and sitting there were flavored crickets... so David thought it would be fun to try them. I wasn't about to even touch the package let alone try one, so he asked the boys if they wanted to. They all said, no, so he gave them a deal... he said if you eat one I'll give you three dollars to spend on vacation. So do you think you can guess who ate one????? Well, ALL OF THEM! Jack, Matt, and NATE! I couldn't believe it! After David ate his I noticed he had a little cricket debris left over in his teeth... see it there???

Here we are at the Natural Bridge Caverns. The kids LOVED this too! The cave was really big and really neat! It was my first time to one and it truly is amazing. Charlie fell asleep at the very end... I don't know how. It's not like backpack riding is exhausting... or maybe it is!

While we were down there we went to Schlitterbahn! It was so much fun! I honestly didn't think the kids would last that long... or myself... especially considering it was 104 and I'm pregnant. BUT, we were there from open until one hour before it closed! The kids had a blast and could actually ride more rides than I thought! It was great! We even did the big huge tube ride that seat like 6. They even let charlie go down with us! It was an absolute blast! The kids keep asking to go back!!! Of course...