Sunday, December 20, 2009

quotes from matthew:

Matt- "i don't want my family to get old and live in heaven. I want them to stay here."

Me- " Don't worry matty. Heaven is going to be just like here, but better. You'll play and laugh, and be happy!

Matt- "No mom. I climedb a really big ladder and looked. There's no parks there."

Me- "Matt, don't worry. You can't go to heaven until you're so old you can't talk or walk and someone else has to wipe your bottom."

Matt- giggles

Matt- .... a few seconds there hot dogs or bread?"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

READERS BEWARE! Not for all stomachs!

*This is for Aunt Krisitn. If you happen to have a weak stomach don't read on. If you feel you may pass judgement please skip this post.*

Charlie. Char. Sugar bear. muffin top. bottom feeder.

I first want to start off by saying we love you charlie. Nothing you ever do will stop that.... even when you do nasty things that could be considered the nastiest thing any human has ever done. ever.

Last sunday charlie was crawling around in her church dress when dave noticed she had something in her mouth. I look, said it was a raisin, no big deal, it was. She eats them all the time. As I glanced around the room a little more I noticed a few more raisins. I went to pick them up and they looked kinda weird. Like they had been boiled.... WHAT?!!!!!!

That's right. She was wearing tights so they couldn't have squished through the sides... they made their appearance from the back! I lifted her dress to find raisins pouring out!

I was trying to get david to give me the diapers and wipes, but he was gagging! I couldn't just lay her down.... you know why.

SO she's officially done the nastiest thing in human history. Don't judge her. But only a mother could still love on a face like this!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

whoa! look out... studs approaching.

What handsome boys... that's all I can say.

We thought it was finally time for these guys to start dressing like gentlemen. They hold doors open like gentlemen, so they should be dressed like gentlemen. They stayed like this up until class time. When dave peeked in their rooms all their ties were half way off. :) It's ok. Becoming a gentleman doesn't happen over night. it takes time.

can i get a woop woop? who's that guy in the middle? could somebody get me his number?

charlie.... oh charlie....

If you haven't already, meet Charlie. She pretty much the star of the show right now at our house. The boys LOVe her... too much at times, she loves them, too much at times, and of course her dad and I are head over heels for her!

Her hair kinda reminds me of a comb over/ toupee. I love it. Dave wants to cut it.

"I think she's cute, I just don't like her hair."-David Elmer

SHe loves to rip out her hair clippies and eat them. I can tell she's already trying to get back at me for making her wear them. Those things are expensive, and this is how she shows her gratitude? By sticking it in her mouth? I forgive her!!! :) Can you tell I'm a sucker for her already?

This is pretty much how she is all the time. She wants me to hold her... but she wants down... this is what I look like at church every sunday...

She's obsessed with spoons right now. If she hears someone open the dishwasher and you shut it before she has time to get out 2 spoons, bang on some things, and take off with them she will flail like in the picture above.

she is very cute though... and I love her....

one saturday we were heading out as a fam and I had on a long sleeve red shirt....... and so did charlie..... to this day I promise I did not plan it nor do it on purpose, but David made fun of me all day and all night... he will never let me live it down. :)