Tuesday, January 26, 2010

naters is 3!!!!

time flies. fast. too fast. I feel like he should be one, barely walking, getting into things, but instead he's three. in karate, quoting kung fu panda, putting his older brothers in side control.... he's a big boy now.

he even spoke spanish to me the other day... (thank you dora.)

he's completely potty trained, even at night.

he loVes his brothers and sister.

he thinks he's funny, and his brothers think he's funny.

he falls more than ANY person i've ever seen... he could just be standing still and fall face first...

he's pretty tough.

he LOVES his daddy.

he has fluffy hair. not straight, not curly, just fluffy.

his smile could and does melt every woman's heart.... (locking him up in his teens, so don't come looking for him)

and the sweetest little guy you'll ever meet.

i love my little guy.






Monday, January 25, 2010

hey! has anyone seen my glasses?

the only positive thing about watching a movie in 3d is the after possibilities.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

one year older and....

glue too.

Well, last night during the "it's going to be my birthday tomorrow" running around shirtless festivities at our house ( CHILDREN only)... nate slipped on the stairs and one of his top tooth broke through the front of his face. Poor guy cried, but not long. He's so tough. He probably would have been fine and not needed to be taken in, but as a mom I just had to be safe rather than sorry. So he and I put on seven layers of clothing and braved the ridiculously cold weather. The dr. said it was clean enough to just glue it back together.... who knew glue would be considered 20th century medicine. Here he is in all his cuteness!