Saturday, May 22, 2010

Belt Testing Day

It was time again!!! Belt Testing time!!! We officially have three yellow belts. We went from white to white/yellow and now solid yellow. I couldn't be prouder. The kids have learned so much it's amazing. And they're actually getting pretty good at it. Their favorite thing they've learned is the Turtle helicopter... have them show it to you the next time you see them... but they've gotten really good at striking, kicking, guard, side control, back control, shrimping (not out at sea with nets...), turtle helicopter, and being in winning position all the time. Watch out... don't pull any fast moves on them the next time you come over!

It's so funny too, Nate is the youngest in the class and the teachers have to exercise extra patience with him. He just isn't fast like the others and tends to stare at the back of the class rather than looking at the front. So yesterday for his testing he had one on one attention. They had a little 10 yr. old girl from the older class be his helper... so when it was time to do the turtle helicopter ride poor nate was trying to spin on her back to keep top control but his little feet didn't hit the floor, so it was pretty funny. Even these tough guys couldn't keep a straight face... then at the end they awarded the belts and they told the kids to close their eyes and nate of course closed his but with all his might! He looked like he was in pain trying to close them so hard that their instructor again couldn't keep a straight face and everyone started laughing... when they opened their eyes Nate had no idea it was him who everyone was smiling and laughing about. He's so cute! He tries hard. He doesn't always get it and sometime, a lot of times, has to do push ups for not listening to the instructions, but he doesn't care... he's actually gotten really good at them and loves to do them now!

I love that they love it!

Our first Field Day!

There's nothing better than field day!!! As a kid you wait all year for this day and when it's your first one you don't know what to expect... so after you have it you realize it's greatness! It's much different now than when we (the parents) were kids... (I NEVER really thought I would say that kind of stuff!!!!)... but there was no tug of war, no relay races... instread there were BOUNCE HOUSES and squirt gun fights. The kdis had a great time! Jack was so sweet and shared his watermelon with his little brothers that were in tears that they couldn't get any. I can definitely say though that Matt is getting geared up for his kindergarten year... just one more to go until he gets there!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wed. with cousin Guy.

It was guy's turn to come over this week so we packed up our lunch and went down to the park! It was so nice out! The kids were having so much fun until charlie pooped and we had to go home.

Turtle Feeding

It's that time of year again... time when we head out to the local parks and pools! We haven't hit the pool yet, but believe me, we will. This week we did a favorite of ours... we went to feed the turtles. The boys love it. This was charlie's first time to do it and clearly she didn't get why in the world we were throwing good bread into the water. So every piece we gave her to throw she started hoarding... when i ripped off a piece to show her what to do she was a wreck and so mad at me... so to settle her down I gave her a new piece which she added to her pile. Then after all the bread was thrown (except for charlie's) we headed over to the play ground. Matt and Nate were having a great time. Charlie was until she dropped her bread in the mulch and dirt... so me fearing that she would eat it... cause she would... I took it away and break down number 2 happened.... I must say that her breakdowns and fits are still at the cute stage. Especially when she's really exaggerating it and it's obvious, even to her... she'll stop for a minute and look at you somewhat embarrassed for her behavior and then go right back to her breakdown... it's so funny!

while mom's away....

it only makes sense that everyone should get sick right? I took this when I got back... I went on a little trip and while I was gone Nate came down with a bad fever and sore throat. The day I got home matt got it, and then jack, and then me... why? Why is it that the ONLY time mom's gone they all get sick. THANK GOODNESS for a loving and understanding husband who is willing and capable of holding down the fort until I got back. Not only did he hold it down, it was SPOTLESS when I got home at 2 am... amazing. What a man!