Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The field

I love these pictures... they are not what I wanted. I wanted them to look at me. I wanted them to smile. I wanted them to look happy. But this is a true representation of how it really is. They run, wildly, but they're happy, and when i make them look at me and stop for the camera, they turn VERY grumpy. But that's ok, because that's who they are. And I love it.


Why did it take me so long to post this???? One simple answer.... the photographer in me is killing me. I wanted to edit all the pictures before I posted them, but when do i have time to actually edit my own stuff??? If it's not for a client or someone else, my stuff gets pushed to back burner resulting in never being edited or taking me literally 8 months to get to it.

This little trip was SO SO SO WONDERFUL! THANK YOU Grandma T and Papa J for making it such a wonderful time! The kids had never been to the beach, i had never been to california, dave had never seen how happy his wife is when she's by the beach.... and I had never seen david so happy to see his parents... it was truly a wonderful trip for EVERY SINGLE PERSON... except maybe the lady that sat next to me on the plane ride home. :)

We were there for three full days and it was JAM PACKED THE ENTIRE TIME! We hit the Red Woods, The beach, Ate fried artichokes, went to Montarey, went to the denise the menace park, the aquarium, a wedding reception, movies at the apartment, met AMAZING people, watched TWO ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, AMAZING, LOVING, KIND, PATIENT, THOUGHTFUL, CHRIST LIKE missionaries, and went to the carnival on the pier. And ate really yummy food.

Before we left the boys told papa j that they were so excited to find shells... well, what we didn't know is that there really aren't shells to find out there... so we go down to the beach and Jerry showed me a bag of shells that he bought and was going to drop out of his pockets so the boys could find... david never saw the bag and the entire time thought that California truly produced PERFECTLY flawless sea shells! It was so funny.

Then on our way to the wedding reception Grandma T had us stop to get a card and stuff, while in there Nathan started choking on a candy and his foot was stuck, i couldn't get him out of the back seat to help him, so david came ripped hin out, and then papa j performed the heimlic maneuver... we told grandma t all about it when she got back in the car!

Then at the reception david and I and the kids didn't really bring anything to wear so we said we would wait in the car... well, the ward members love The Elmer's so much they threatened if we didn't come in they were all coming out. So we decided to go in, flip flops and all! :)

It was perfect. We want to go back... but we'd rather just have them come home. We were so grateful to be able to go out there and spend some time in their element. I can honestly say that after the trip "I HOPE THEY CALL ME ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!"