Friday, September 12, 2008

our dad...

IS EXACTLY like this dad.

Today i had my ultrasound of baby #4, but we didn't find out what it is. So sorry everyone... but you'll just have to wait! After watching this video though... I'm really hoping it's a girl... because I know that I would find David doing this EXACT same thing with her. And if it's a boy I'm sure he'll fit right in and love it here as much as we'd love him... but I'd still love to come home and find David doing this in the driveway!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of preschool

Jack turned 4 yesterday, started preschool today, and didn't even tell me bye when I dropped him off! But that's ok, I know he was excited and I was excited for him! Aparantly he had a great first day! He loved every minute of it! He loved his teachers, and all the kids. He goes from 9-2 which seems long, but I think it fit him perfectly! And yes, David's face is very red in all these pictures... but that's just because he spent the day yesterday tearing it up dove hunting... it comes with a sacrifice.

Here's my boys ready to send Jack off on his first day!

Here's the party man him self!

Here's an outake... just because I thought it was funny! (matty? what's the face for???)

And just because every little brother wants to be like his big brother...

And here's the note they sent home with him!! "Great first day!"

Happy 4TH! B-day Jack!

So yesterday Jack celebrated his 4th birthday and we couldn't have been happier for him! He's such a great kid. Here's some of the things that he likes and doesn't like these days:

Favorite food: pb & j sandwiches and mc donalds
Favorite Show: Batman
Favorite things ever: his brothers
Likes to: ride his bike (when it's not too hot...)
Likes to: swim (but not in the deep end)
Likes to: read his scriptures
Still loves: Nacho Libre
Still loves: cars and playing animals
Doesn't like: milk or playing with girl toys. (His daddy is proud of the last one)

Jack told me at church the other day that "Jesus told him he is going to be the prophet..." I thought, holy crap, my son a prophet... well, we know it isn't because of us! It would only be because he's a super star of a kid!! (Does this mean i have to stop using the word "crap" now?)

He has also told me that he wants the new baby to be a "cool one." And that he thinks the new baby will be a boy, and that we should name him Carl. Thanks for help with the names Jack-o, but I think we're going to pass on Carl.

* if anyone out there reading this is named Carl, we think it's a LOVELY name, but just don't prefer it for this baby, and Jack, if you ever have a friend named Carl, just because we passed it up doesn't mean he isn't cool!!! *

Jack, we love you so much!! You're the best son and the BEST big brother ever! We're so happy to have you as a part of our family. You seem to teach us all so much. Even your mom and dad. We love you and hope you continue to choose the right and follow your dreams!

The birthday boy in his new super hero cape:

What every kid loves, ESPECIALLY this kid!

Just because I wanted to post this one... david, isn't it lovely? (inside joke)

The kid has started loving video games... total boy!

More excitement with the presents...

Just had to post this because even his brother was soooooo happy for him!! (Or could it also be because he knows they have to share everything??? I think it's because he's happy for him!)

Lake Cities 1 ward primary activity!!

We went to the primary activity that the ward had before school started up and the kids all had so much fun! It was super hot though, so that put a little damper on things, but at least all the games involved water!!!