Wednesday, September 23, 2009

big man on campus!

Matty had his first day of preschool about 2 weeks ago..... FORGIVE ME MATTY! I have been a busy mommy lately and let these sweet photos be held up in the posting process! But here he is. In all his glory!!!!

he ran up and told me he was ready to go!!!! (YEAH RIGHT MATTY! Not with out pants on!!)

here's his cute little cheesy face inside the room!!!!

It's a pretty full class, but he loves it. He's made a new friend and hints about this "funny girl" in his class.... wink wink! :)

and charlie ate her first marker...... obviously. :)

just saving it for later....

At this age they just like to store stuff.... where ever they can i guess. :)

and this is the happy face that greets us everyday.