Wednesday, March 24, 2010


today i took my kids out to photograph because I would hate to look back and not be able to remember EXACTLY how it was. how the sun shined in their hair. how their cheeks would get really big when they were truly smiling. how much they truly love each other. and how the spirit of childhood can not be contained.

i will forever remember this moment.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This year we decided to jump in the happy camper and hit a few hot spots under the texas sun.


Day one:
arrive at the beautiful Athens lake rv camp at noon. (we arrived at 4 and found our selves alone in an abandoned rv park...) The evenings events included games, pics by mom (duh.) hiking, and hot dogs.

Day two:
Texas State Fishery- What can we say.... jack loved it, nate loved that he caught two, charlie was happy cause she ate a whole bag of skittles, and well, matty was happy when mom caught the tree! Papa Guy came out and helped Dave corral the new fishers... thank goodness cause we were catching a little more than just fish... as you can see (jack and mom seemed to catch trees more than fish).

sometimes you just need your big brothers help to find it...

all boy.

in case you didn't notice (which you probably have), Jack's bobbers spent more time in the trees than they did the lake.

Day three:
we hopped in the happy camper and drove a few hours west to Dinosaur valley state park! We absolutely LOVED this spot. It was perfect for a family of boys. It was loaded with rocks, dirt, water, trees, bugs... pure happiness if you're 5 and under. And maybe if you're a grown man named david... We headed down to the river to find fossils and look at the dinosaur foot prints in the river bed.

you can't expect a 5 yr old to know the difference between a shell and a pistachio

we decided to call this picture "the offering"

David's first love - meat. dave also cooked up some of Uncle Rob's dutch oven goodness, Dutch goodness that legends speak of. I think we missed the key ingredient "rob". No really, it turned out ok for a first time. We will have it down in a few more trips.

Day four:
Fossil Rim Park... or should i say, "feed the wild animals at your own risk park...!" Which really was SOOOOOOO much fun! It's basically the best kind of zoo ever. You sit the whole time, snack on chocolate covered peanuts, there's air conditioning, if you want music that's definitely an option... you're in your car the whole time and just drive on thru. So the punch line of our spring break... "I AM A GOAT..." comes from our sweet matthew. We pulled up along side a few baby deer that were white and matthew rushed to that window to feed them, trying to bring the deer closer to the car, we heard him speak ever so softly to the deer, "I AM A GOAT..." Lol, we were laughing so hard. So then we politely told him they weren't goats, so he said, "oh, i am a sheep." :) Gotta love the kiddos.

this is where the "feed at your own risk part comes into play... NASTY! SNOT, Slobber!, and stink! all over my hand...

and this is one of our favorite parts of the trip. Don't be fooled here, charlie wasn't scared of the animals, but rather annoyed with our nasty little friend. She's a girl and she needs her personal space.