Thursday, May 28, 2009

funny matt....

Matty never fails to amuse me. He's quite possibly the funniest kid ever. Yesterday he was all up in charlie's face talking sweetly to her when she happened to sneeze. And he started freaking out and said, "AH! Ah! She spit on me!"

Then there's the dead frog. We have a dead frog in the back yard that is so nasty and disgusting, but the boys LOVE it. They find sticks and all sorts of little things to move it around. Thank goodness they haven't actually touched it yet... but any ways.... this morning matt looked up at me and said, "mom, do you know who made the dead frog?" Me: no, who? Matt: Jesus. He took his hand (and matt made a fist and made it go in the smashing action) and did THIS! And that's how it got dead."

I love you matty.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

matt's shiner in the post below......

Well, like Aunt Suzy said, "there's probably a good story..." And yes, each and every day there's a "good story" that takes place in our house!!!! And this was like the others. We were at the park by my mom and dad's. There's a little side walk that goes around it that's a perfect size for these guys and away from the street. We love going there because usually around 7pm all the parents and kids come out to the park to play and it's an EVENT! They all bring their outside toys stuffed in their wagons and as you can imagine it's a free for all. (ANd David jokes that I have a double life. We usually only go over there when he's out of town, but I've gotten to know the parents over there pretty well and we all chat and catch up all time... I just don't live over there like the rest of them.)

So this day a little boy brought out a miniature wagon, perfect size for two mischevious little boys to get in a little bit of trouble. So one hops in (matt) and the other starts pulling (jack). But Jack started going pretty fast, rounded a corner, and the little plastic wheels of this "beach toy" wagon can't handle the craziness of these two and it flips over. Before matty knew it he hit his eye pretty hard and never put his hands out to break the fall. And to top it off, jack kept pulling... so matt was then dragged another foot or two! But scars are cool i guess. So he's fine with it.

And for today's story...... and only read on if you dare..... I warned you!***

Today I was cleaning up from breakfast and matty said, "mom, come here I have a surprise for you." in a VERY cheery and peppy voice. Already I knew it was something fishy because it was an echoing voice which meant he was in the bathroom... and when I got there he was sitting on the potty..... and yes! he was right, there was nice SURPRISE in there... just not the kind you'd ever askk for if it were your birthday.

****And remember... you were warned before reading that part! So don't get mad at me if all of a sudden you're grossed out. I warned you!***

And before I forget to post this I need to. Aunt Steph was so kind to help me out a few weeks ago with the kids for an hour. And while they were there I guess they got the grand tour because somehow they ended up in Luke and Sam's rooms.... When I got back, Steph had written down a funny thing they said. After they saw the boys rooms they looked at Steph and said, "why don't they clean their rooms?" I just thought it was pretty funny coming from those two considering they have been know to need bribery or punishment to get their rooms cleaned. Either "monnies" or hard time!