Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day at the Show

We went to the Air Show this weekend and had lots of fun. We saw the Coast Guard demonstrate a rescue. "Lookin good boys." :)

whoa! It's all under control Mr. President.

There is Maverick, there is Goose, and then there is "Ace." Jack thought he was pretty cool sitting in the planes.

F-18 fly-by. This is one sick plane

Who's the new gunner? "My job is to make sure you that you do your my jurisdiction's pretty much in your face!"

We couldn't find a C-130 or T-38 that Papa J flew, but this old Air Force plane was close enough.

Friday, June 12, 2009

what is the scariest thing about summer time to a young child?


Jack and matt are in it full throttle! And we're lucky enough to have Livy there too. Matty thought it was really fun until his teacher put him under the water. Now he tried to run and hide in the bushes, or sneak out the gate... I had to tell him the gate is there to keep the alligators out of the pool. Needless to say he doesn't try to open it and run out any more. But they're both doing great! Jack went under all the way today and grabbed a dive stick off the bottom step! THAT"S HUGE for him. Yeah Jack! ANd matt, we'll, he seems to have the teacher wrapped around his little finger. He has a way with the ladies. ANd I can't forget Nate and charlie. Nate just hangs out with ella there and charlie watches from her stroller.

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it was only a matter of time!

all I can tell you is that I was vacuuming and I heard what sounded like a some big thing being ripped out of the ceiling.... and to my astonishment I was right. Well... I guess I wasn't really that surprised. With three strapping young lads running around our house half dressed it was bound to happen at some point.

It appears that Jack decided to try and swing from it. He quickly found out that lights that hang are not meant to hold. :) He cried so hard that we decided he didn't need to be punished. He really was devastated.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Matty just said, "mom, say cheese..."

"let me try again mom... make a funny face..." I love you matty

Memorial Day

We had a great memorial day! We went to some fun little place that I totally forgot the name of with our cousins. The kids lOvEd it! Then we went to mc donalds and met up with the petersen's there and then we all headed back to our place for a little pool/tramp time! Uncle matt was nice enough to rig the tramp with sprinklers so it was a pretty good time. And Dave went out and got Paul Blart Mall cop so we all watch that and had a great time!!!!!