Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween!

We had a great halloween!! Lots of candy, lots of fun, and lots of family!!! We were shocked when a "vampire" showed up in our house. I guess it's a sign that he's getting bigger! But Mr. Power Ranger, and SUper Man were back in action and they found a little cupcake! Will and Nicole came over with the CUTEST little scarecrow and moo cow. We all headed over to the church to trunk or treat, then went to Grandma LIsa's and Papa Guy's. We trick or treated there for a minute... literally. Then we headed back home for some of Grandma T's chili, made by Uncle brad, Aunt Kristin's BEST ever cake like cornbread, and a fabulous salad by aunt Karen that we forgot to open AND homemade carmel apple cider with homemade whipped cream by Nicole. It was perfect. We have more candy that we know what to do with, and four happy little trick or treaters.

hey, get that marble out of your mouth!

On monday before we went to Kendall's VBall game Jack kept putting a marble in his mouth. I told him at least 10 times to "get that marble out of your mouth!" And about 2 seconds later he smiled and said, "I swallowed it." I thought no big deal, it was small, kids swallow stuff all the time and they just poop it out. Apparently, this marble likes it's new home. Right between the large, and small intestine! :) We've had 2 x-rays and it's not moving. Dr's want to go in on monday and take it out. The first thought I had was no! We haven't even given him a priesthood blessing. He needs a priesthood blessing. Well, he's had one now, and I know that all will be fine. So we will go back in a week or two and get a new x-ray. In the meantime, you'll find jack eating lots of dense fiberous things such as, but not limited to: broccoli, chili, beef stew, cooked beans, raw beans, etc. Anything to help move his new little friend along.

I feel pretty confident that you won't find jack with foreign objects in his mouth anymore. That doesn't mean his brothers won't... but at least for now you won't find jack! :)

Fairy tale Ball

Jack's school had their annual fairy tale ball. All the kindergartners dress up like fairy tale characters and parade around the school. All the grades come out of their classes to watch them parade around. Then they have a castle bouce house, cupcakes, activity stations, etc. It's a big event. Jack HATED dressing up. All the kids started sword fighting and his was the only home made sword.... our of cardboard... and it kept "flopping over". He kept saying, "please... let me take this off! My sword keeps FLOPPING OVER!" I let him know that I'm sorry, but this is the activity for today and he needed to participate. I think he had fun, but he apparently doesn't like to play dress up! :)

Fall Festival!

it was that time over year again. The Lantana Fall Festival. I couldn't believe how cold it was. Perfect Fall weather!!! Thanks for taking us Grandma Lisa.

we call it her pretty...

THANK YOU aunt Kristin! A few WEEKS ago Aunt Krisitn sent this wonderful little package with a little something that miss has been missing... the perfect little bracelet for her chubby little arm rolls!

Thank you Kristin! We love it. Especially me! :)