Monday, June 28, 2010

Funny: by Matthew

I have to say that the most one liners come out of matthew's mouth. Every day there's a new one, and today there were just too many for me not to write down!

We'll start with Saturday though:

Matt at this point is mad at david because he told him to something... probably something minor...

Matty: Dad, when you're really old, I'm NOT going to wipe your bottom!

Today: I put the kids to bed, told them not to get out of their beds and about 15 minutes later matt comes to the top of the stairs and says:

"mom, I know it's not my birthday yet, but after this sleep, you need to go to the store and start getting ready for my party. You need to get the presents, the bag for the presents, the party hats, the cake and the dognuts and the candy, and the presents. The girls can have cookies and the boys can have the cake."

me: sure thing bud. we definitely need to get start... it is in nov. we don't want to miss any details! :)

I love the things kids say. I am never surprised when they say it, and it's just as funny each time!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last week Dave bought tickets for me and him, my mom and dad, and my brother and SIL to go see our favorite musical WICKED!!! It was so much fun! Even better the second time around. If you've never seen it you're missing out!!! It's amazing. Thanks for the fun night honey or should I say Fiero?

Sugar bear

She is such a funny little person. She is very motherly. SHe loves to love and helps clean up, she gets after the boys... :) She just had her late 15 month check up. SHe's 22 lbs, 20% for height and weight, and 50% for head. :)

She has super sonic dishwasher radar. Every time i open it she comes running ready to jump in and unload it... I even try to be SUPER quiet just so i can get it done faster... but no, she hears me. She unloads everything into the same place. The silverware drawer.

She also loves to color. She'll find her own pencil and paper and this is what I find her doing almost everyday!

Every day we go to jujitsu. Every day matt and nate and some days jack fall asleep in the car, and this little person babbles to me the entire time. She's also developing some pretty rad dance moves!

The AC broke.... AGAIN!

Well, it's true. This house has the most ac issues out of any house! It's terrible! So one night dave came home from a nice long trip ready to see his family and when he walked in the door he was greeted by 82 degree indoor temps. It had slowly gone up and i never noticed... although I was hot, i just figured when it's 100 degrees out it's gonna feel hot inside no matter what. So by the time it was bed time it was so stinkin hot we had to bring the kids down stairs from their sweltering 87 degree beds. This is what charlie looked like. We set up the pack n play for her next to our bed and figured she'd go right back to sleep.... well. she hadn't seen her daddy for 4 or 5 days so that wasn't part of her plan. SHe wanted to play! She was jumping around in that pack n play!!! Dave and I were so tired we just wanted to sleep so we told her to go night night.... she got sad and then stood up and would whisper to me, "mama, mama!" Right in my ear staring at my from the bed side. It was so funny I kept laughing trying to hold in the sound so she would think i was sleeping, but apparently i kept shaking the bed laughing which was keeping dave awake, so two hours later after she would not go to bed we sent her back to hers! She's such a little stinker. :)

A fun visit from Aunt Kristin

We had a great time with Aunt Kristin in town! Lots of fun, good food and laughs! That little cody sure is a cutie pie! Charlie liked to love him. We had to tell her that was a no no... you're cousins!! :) Come back Kristin! We miss you!!!!!

Suzy brought water balloons and a her volleyball net which was a great hit! Nothing like a game of water balloon toss with the fam!

memorial Day 2010

We had a great memorial day. Dave had the idea to go visit some soldiers graves out at Restland Cemetery where Grandma Betty was buried so we jumped in the car and went down there. Each boy got a flower so they could put it on any soldiers grave that they wanted. We told them that it just couldn't have flowers there already. It had to be someone who wasn't visited. So they set out to find their favorite. Jack being the sweet boy that he is brought a pencil and note pad do he could write down their names and when they died and what branch of the military they were in. He walked around until he found his favorite. Jack W. Sessums. Coincidence? Maybe. I love that sweet boy.