Saturday, December 4, 2010

recent funnies:

I don't even know where to begin. There's been so many funny things recently. I hope I don't leave any out!

Jack was recently asked to enter into a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and when I told him matt said, " I want to too! I'm going to pick the guy up over my head and spin him!!! Can I do that mom????

Matthew was pushing Charlie in the stroller at the mall trying to be such a good boy. I say trying because he lets us know when he's trying to be good... it's a hard thing! So he said, "look at me mom, I'm being so good. I'm like a 6 yr. old!" Then he started running with the stroller and I said, " slow down matt..." he said laughing, " oh! Oh yeah! I forgot!!!!"

Jack definitely has his dad's sense of humor! We were at Target trying to find a birthday gift for his little friend and they didn't have it, so as we were walking out we passed by the women's section and jack got a huge smile on his face, started to snicker, and then tapped on an excessively large bra and said, " oh, I think this would be great for him!" Haha. I laugh and told him to keep on walkin!

Nate informed me yesterday when I picked him up fro pre school that "mom it was so funny, my teacher forgot me outside for a long time and I got to play with the other class too!" He was so happy!

Charlie and I were at home eating lunch and I was sitting on the couch eating some chips. I have craved chips every day since the beginning of this pregnancy. So I was just munching away, but apparently sister was grossed out by me. I guess a few chip crumbs had fallen on my shirt in front of me and a couple in my hair that was lying there too... so she climbed up and said, "eeeewwww..... and then looked at me disgusted! Apparently I was grossing her out. Way to make a pregnant lady feel good!

Last week I got some maternity leggings that go up over the belly. Don't knock em, they're super comfy! Matt walked in on me when I was getting ready and said, cool pants mom, they're really big!" Then later that same day he said, "i really like your big pants mom!" Also that same day Jack looked at me slightly disgusted and said, "what are you wearing?" Thank you Jack!

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Every once in awhile i make a last minute decision to take you kids out and do some fun pictures. Today was one of those days. I Drove past this tree farm (texas style tree farm- the trees come in on trucks and they're set up to look like they've been growing there!) a few days before this and thought I wanted to do family pictures there. But who would take the pictures??? Plus i look big and pregnant... so I decided it would be you kiddos!

You guys always have fun, I always try and contain you to a certain area, that never works, and it always ends up being slightly chaotic! But fun.

Char, you wouldn't sit still! Yes you're in all the pictures I posted, but really you weren't in very many pictures. But I loved looking through them fast on the computer. Every once in awhile I could see your little head emerge from behind the trees! Not your whole body, just your head! It was so funny!!

I can't wait to take lots more pictures of you kids over the years!