Saturday, April 2, 2011

A little getaway...

Somewhat last minute and a a hectic time, dave and i decided to go away on a much needed little vacation to utah! We did bring baby with us, but he is such a trooper... he's no problem!

We had the best time!! We did things that we've never done together before and it was a blast! We went skiing for two days, when hunting, when down to provo and drove around our old stomping grounds, visited the Y, ate at our favorite steak house Ruth's Kris, watched some BYU basketball, I got a much needed massage, and just kicked it.

It was so much fun and so needed. It wouldn't have been possible with out Grandma T. The bravest woman to take on 4 kids at home plus our crazy schedule!! And gotta give a shout out to Amy Jo too!! We wouldn't have been able to go skiing with out her.

So when do we go again honey???

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