Monday, August 31, 2009

the best days....

the days just seem to be flying by. I wish I could freeze them... well, not all of them. :) But when i sit back and look at it... I realize these are probably going to be the best days of my life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's official...

We have a Kindergartner in the house!!! It was a happy day and a sad day. Jack went with no problems and LOVED it. He can't wait to go back. I can't believe how big he is. We're so proud of him and the boy that he's becoming!!! And I expected him to be wiped out and go to bed with no problem tonight, but no. I put him BACK to bed AGAIN at 10 pm. :) That's my Jack!

and to our amazement this morning our neighborhood had a near wipe out. No, not from a tornado, but from a hot air balloon. The proof is in the pictures people. They were feet away from our next door neighbor's roof! CrAzy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Elmer overload

Nothing says fun like 88 elmers under 1 roof. no seriously we all fit into one gigantic cabin. We had so much fun.

Aint nothin without NUMBER 1. Thanks Grammi.

As you can see each shirt has a number. The number represents at which point you came into the family. When I married Dave I became number 59.

Our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness allows for us enjoy the blessings of family relationships after this life. I can think of no better group of people and no greater blessing.

two weeks with the fam

Nothing says family vacation better than 19 hours in each direction, family, friends, and best of all daddy with us non stop for 10 straight days!!!! I"m not trying to brag, but I think we may just have the cutest little family ever!!

Grandma T, this one's for you!!!

Papa J, these are for you!!! Strawberry was good to us this year. Dave, Uncle Rob and Brock nearly caught their limit in the first few hours. Needless to say we women had to step up and get in on the action.

The next generation of fishers.

and we had to add this one... brad made his very own custom sieve to join in on the children's money dig action. We expected nothing less from an engineering grad. He's already getting his own designs in action!